1200 Degree Fahrenheit K type stainless steel Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)  thermocouple for our digital gauge and controller which can measure and display two parameters at the same time.
It can measure temperature, pressure and other important parameters such as battery voltage and air/fuel ratio. Two programmable alarms will turn on the LED in the front panel to get the driver's attention if the temperature/pressure is above the setting point. It will also close a relay output port that can be used to turn on a buzzer, shut off the fuel, or turn on a cooling fan. each channel contains one relay.
The meter stores the peak temperature/pressure with time stamps that can be checked later. It can also operate in the peak holding mode so that only the maximum value is displayed. The brightness of the LED display can be synchronized with headlight. When the headlight is turned on in the night, the display will be dimmed by the illumination signal. It can also be dimmed directly from the key pad.
Developed based on industrial grade instruments, this four digits gauge offers up to 10 times the resolution and accuracy of most 3 digits gauges on the market. For thermocouple sensor, this gauge have a cold junction compensation circuit to improve the accuracy at low temperature and reduce the temperature drift when a thermocouple sensor is used. 
It can also be set up to be switch boxed between similar sensors for more monitoring of more than two parameters 
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Package includes:
1 x 2 Meter - (6 foot) K-type thermocouple
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You need dual alternators to run any decent sized Hydrogen Generator system and the pump required to feed it at idle as a single alternator will not put out enough amps - even a high amp one