Hard to find materials ONLY to make a membrane type gas generator round enclosure like our separated gas unit.

This will make a 10 inch round by 1 foot tall enclosure Rated with a maximum burst pressure of 200 PSI and an operating pressure of 120 psi. 

You will need to drill and cut as required for your design or tap and/or glue fittings in for your lines as you desire.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

Has a suggested design diagram on how to build a good pressure gas housing and why along with a list of materials.

You can use this to make  an Onboard Generator hydrogen gas-from-water generator by miniaturizing our electrolyzer technology to fit onboard a vehicle so you can add hydrogen gas into your engine without hydrogen gas storage tanks via a real SPE/PEM electrolyzer Solid Polymer Electrolyte SPE / Proton Exchange Membrane PEM or AEM  hydrogen-gas-from-water electrolyzer.

This will reduce your emissions and fuel costs plus extend your mileage with more onboard autonomy.

Designed and built properly, the gas generator that can fit in this housing kit could easily be an onboard Generator with hydrogen gas output around or above  600 ml/minute = 36 liters/hour with power input of DC 12v/30A at up to 0.3 MPa / 44 psi to match what most fuel injection systems operate at. 

The diameter of the electrolyzer could be anything about 10 inches round by 9 inches tall or up to 12 inches tall with these materials .  Four  hours of consulting is available included via email in the purchase price via our message system through this site only.  This item is sold outright and may be used as you see fit. We will not however, assist with unlawful or dangerous implementations of this product.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

This a la carte option does not include, tank, plumbing, gas generator design instructions, pump, hoses, or sensors - housing materials only - you need to have us design a full system for that above to be included.